Summer time is fast approaching – that means winter will be here before you know it! As you start to wind down from deicing operations, it’s important to remember to schedule your Summer Service with Textron GSE.

Just like your car, your deicing unit needs regular maintenance to ensure it runs properly when you need it most. Textron GSE is here to make sure you’re ready when the snow and ice hit with OEM parts and experienced service technicians. You can trust that your service will be done right and done on time.

  • Summer Service season – Available June through November 2021
  • Turnaround time – Less than one day*
  • Installation of the Guardian System available with Summer Service at discounted packages and volume discounts.
  • Slots are filled on a first come, first served basis and deadlines are approaching fast. Call 770-422-7230 or email to schedule your appointment today.
  • East Coast registration deadline: May 19
  • Midwest/ West Coast registration deadline: May 19
  • South registration deadline: May 19

At only $1,500 per unit, it is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss!

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Continuous Maintenance Tip 

Starting the engines will keep them lubed and batteries charged. It also exercises the generator preventing the loss of residual magnetism which can happen from long periods of inactivity.

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*Summer Deicing Service typically takes less than a day. Additional time may be needed to repair an item or install additional parts.