Safeaero Single Operator Deicer

The Safeaero 220, single operator deicer truck lets you cover more ground with fewer team members. Our Safeaero 220 one-person deicing truck is designed to satisfy any airport operation’s needs so you can tackle big jobs with a smaller crew. Made to accommodate small and large aircraft, our single operator deicer is the best choice if you need to keep a crew running smoothly.

When you choose the Safeaero 220 single operator deicer, you...

  • Increase Productivity
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Streamline operations by driving, maneuvering and deicing with one person.
  • Gain the ability to respond quickly and easily to changing conditions.

Textron GSE’s equipment exceeds expectations for deicing and anti-icing for all aircraft types. Our global manufacturing facilities consistently deliver durable, reliable, and operator-friendly deicing trucks for our customers.

Interested in learning more about boosting your crew’s productivity with our single-operator deicing trucks? Contact us to see what Textron GSE can do for your crew.


  • Our truck was the first deicer specifically built for single person operation (driving, positioning and deicing) without the need to switch cabs. The Safeaero 220 features an extensive operational radius and compact size, making it the best deicer for air





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