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  • With the Premier MT35P18 deicer, you get 37 feet of working height, plus a 1,500-gallon deice fluid tank and a 300-gallon stainless steel tank for anti-ice.
  • The Premier MT35P18 provides 180 degree fluid in less than 90 seconds and is the best deicing truck for narrow body and regional aircraft. Its straightforward operation helps you reduce operator errors and downtime.


  • The Premier MT43P21 deicer features 43 feet of working height, 1,800-gallon deice fluid tank, and 300-gallon anti-ice fluid tank.
  • The Premier MT43P21 features express heat technology providing customers with the fastest and most efficient method of deicing with two operators. Ideal for wide body aircraft this deicer is simple to operate and consistently performs.


  • The Premier MT43P21-ABS (Air Blast System) is a patented system designed to efficiently remove ice and snow from wide body aircraft. The ABS uses a hydraulically-driven compressor to remove the snow.
  • The ABS nozzle helps you cut costs by efficiently injecting glyco into the air stream. The deicer truck’s main fluid systems are hydraulically driven, usable for both standard deicing and anti-icing procedures.


  • The Premier MT35P12 deicer features 37 feet of working height, a 900-gallon tank for deice fluid, and a 300-gallon tank for anti-ice fluid.
  • This airport deicing truck is best for narrow body and regional aircraft and can provide 180 degree fluid in less than 90 seconds. The truck is simple to operate, helping you maximize productivity and reduce operator errors.


  • The Premier MT35P75 deicer offers 35 feet of working height, a 750-gallon tank for deice fluid, and a 150-gallon tank for anti-ice fluid and features express heat technology for quick and efficient deicing.
  • This makes the Premier MT35P75 optimal for deicing narrow body and regional aircraft. This deicer helps avoid unnecessary downtime and errors with its straightforward operation.


  • The Premier MT50P21 deicing truck features 53 feet of working height for open basket and 50 feet of working height for enclosed basket, an 1,800-gallon tank for deice fluid and a 300-gallon tank for anti-ice fluid.
  • This makes it an optimal choice for deicing wide body aircraft. The Premier MT50P21 is simple to use, which helps you boost productivity. Available with optional Express Start™ Technology.


  • With a standard 500 gallon tank for de-icing and a 100 gallon ant-ice option, the HC29O50-G is best suited for smaller airports. It has a heat exchanger built within its fluid tank, reducing potential plumbing problems.
  • It is easily transported by tow-bar and can be tailored to a customer’s needs. Composed of simplified systems, the “Hotshot” streamlines de-icing operations and maintenance.

Guardian Technology

  • Guardian™ technology eliminates human error and costly damage from critical start up and shut down procedures when switches on the control panel are accidental left in the “on” position.
  • A cost-effective solution compatible with most Premier deicers, this simple solution helps avoid flight delays and ensures your operations run safely on-time, every-time.

Express Start

  • By removing the confusion of the traditional start-up sequence, the Express Start automated sequence creates ease of operation and reduces operator error in properly starting up, running and shutting down the unit.
  • Express Start helps to prevent pre-mature component failure which results in a longer product lifespan, helping to streamline your deicing operations.