Reliable Pushback Tractors from Textron GSE

Pushback tractors offer the functionality required to efficiently and effectively move and position aircraft while at the airport. At Textron GSE, we pride ourselves on producing both conventional and towbarless pushbacks that exceed industry standards and improve operations.

The pushback process is typically the second part of a ‘Taxi in Push Out’ (TIPO) procedure at the terminal gates. Traditional pushback tugs attach to the aircraft nose landing gear with a towbar. However, an alternative towbarless tug method is growing in use. Towbarless tugs use a cradle (two low level arms on either side of the aircraft nose landing gear) to raise it slightly off the ground in order to move backward or forward.

The number of ground crew members needed to carry out a pushback varies depending on aircraft size. No matter what size crew or aircraft you are working with, Textron GSE offers a pushback tug that will fit your needs.

At Textron GSE our distinguished brands have a rich legacy of innovation, superior support and service, ensuring the world's airlines, freight carriers and airports are ready to exceed expectations. Textron GSE remains dedicated to elevating its standard of support that continues to keep the world moving.

Our ground support equipment and service solutions support your crew to make their jobs safer, simpler and more efficient. Our offerings include aircraft pushback tugs, baggage tractors, belt loaders, air starts, and more. At Textron GSE, our global network of manufacturing facilities produces world-class, reliable equipment you can trust. With Textron GSE, you have a partner for life, because we offer unmatched service to ensure your continued satisfaction.

Interested in learning more about how Textron GSE’s aircraft pushback tugs can improve your ground handling procedures? Reach out to us today for a quote.


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