Maintaining a pristine course isn't always a pretty job. And when it's time to do the heavy hauling, these vehicles are ready to work. From big beds and payloads to features that help you get more done, Cushman® utility vehicles were made to get your course ready for play.

Food & Beverage

Satisfied guests are the lifeblood of any successful course. That's why we build a line of food and beverage vehicles designed to meet their every need. From on-course refreshments and merchandising to event catering, Cushman Refresher vehicles are designed to keep your guests happy — and your revenue growing.

Personnel Transport

Golf is hospitality at its best. From workers and event volunteers to members and guests, it's all about taking care of the people that make things happen for your course. These Shuttle™ personnel transport vehicles were designed to get everyone where they need to be in comfort and style, so your business can keep moving in the right direction.