August 04, 2020

Designed for its Premier line of deicers, Guardian technology is an aftermarket solution that has been engineered to eliminate human error from critical start-up and shut-down procedures. Previously, operators could mistakenly leave switches in the “on” position during shut down which enables power to flow to key components at incorrect intervals, resulting in damage to the motors or burners.
Guardian technology is a cost-effective solution and has been developed with specific features to ensure operations run safely, on-time, every-time:

Failsafe Design: Simple push button switches are utilized to deploy power at the correct time during start-up and reset once power is cut to the deicer.
Quick Installation: Premier deicers can be updated with Guardian technology in half a day, minimizing interruption to operations.
Cost Effective: Protecting Premier deicers with Guardian technology reduces the risk of expensive repairs, unnecessary downtime and delayed flights.
Versatile: Guardian technology retrofits to most Premier deicers.
Enhanced Safety: Removing human error from the operation of your Premier deicer safeguards operators from failing components like motors and burners.
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