August 04, 2020

Textron GSE understands the impact of COVID 19 to its customers, partners and the industry it serves. As we continue to push forward and navigate the months ahead, Textron GSE is committed to utilizing its best practices and expertise to provide value-added resources.

Textron GSE is excited to offer complimentary long-term storage practices and simple maintenance techniques for ground support equipment.Featuring detailed maintenance reminders with step-by-step recommendations, these documents will assist in ensuring key performance components such as cooling, lubrication, hydraulic, and fuel systems are kept in optimal condition. Even simple steps like charging and watering the batteries, checking tire pressure and cleaning out the operator area are included to ensure equipment is ready to work when operations ramp up.

In addition to long-term storage practices, it is also important to conduct Summer Service on winter equipment such as deicers. Textron GSE offers this for its Premier deicers utilizing OEM parts and experienced service technicians to ensure equipment is prepared when the snow and ice return. Scheduling this service is simple and can be done by visiting